Micro-blog in the marketing of face and lining

master Zhao Benshan uncle said: "life, some have become the face, some became lining, are the result of." The face must be bright eye-catching, so it is bound to not see the light, not on the table.

on the micro-blog marketing, also has "face" "lining" points.

"face", is that you show in front of the public image of micro-blog, or heavy, or humorous, or is the teahouse generally careless uncle, speak loudly, or as a sister like warm people, show the utmost solicitude. In short, an enterprise micro-blog must strive to create a positive one, quality characters, from time to time, often complaining than amiable and easy of approach, daily news publicity every rhythm can obtain the audience’s emotional identity.

has a face, others will keep you high attention, and some companies micro-blog face is really great.

"not washing Ariel sister, longitudinal fashion in vain." @ Ariel Ariel sister claimed every day and night, put a pair of occupation fan children, calm with all the fans, vomit lotus, Joseph day. The interaction of fans and as its spokesperson s chat, lively hot, funny.


brother, oil fill…… Your Durex is full." @ Durex said small Doudou, fans said he was "a little gentleman, a little bad, understand life’s play, like in the club well groomed young man". His micro-blog can seize the current hot spots of the G-spot again into the brand highlights, arouse the fans resonance.


good face brings micro-blog good fans, good fans spread corporate reputation. In this era of the world’s factory, word of mouth is the key factor in determining the competitiveness of enterprises, micro-blog face value is self-evident.

‘s face is bright, so mellow, have a good face, first to stand the best lining.

of team integration, micro-blog skin plate setting, content positioning, activity planning, public opinion monitoring and so on, have been introduced many methods, this is not related to Baidu you can sing the same old song.

real lining may not see the light, as the site with SEO: Internet users in search of certain keywords, find the row in front of the site is more reliable and more formal, do not know can be a "is not officially recognized" SEO team through technical means to make this website ranking.

and now the micro-blog marketing, also need such "lining".

first we have to understand what is the weight of micro-blog". Micro-blog weight is divided into two kinds, the first for Baidu, and other search engines have a micro-blog search engine of the third party, due to the lack of functionality of these search engines, the algorithm is unknown, and no

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