Baidu is very high very loud Tencent is very careful low

Chinese Internet is never missing the news industry, "pornographic" has just ended, Baidu IM began the "loud" high up, the original legends Mr Robin Li preferred the original Baidu IM name "Baidu voice", now renamed as the "Baidu HI". No matter what is the final name, Mr. Robin Li is determined to join the site of hundreds of millions of users and 70% domestic search engine traffic entrance into the instant messaging market resources.

Baidu HI is not just an instant messaging tool

there is no doubt that Baidu HI is not a simple IM, he is Baidu’s entire product line of the spine is the future of Baidu’s product line of the soul and the engine, it will run through and integrate all of Baidu’s products and services, including search, Post Bar, and know the upcoming C2C platform series product line. Baidu HI will integrate Baidu and its acquisition of a number of sites, such as user resources. At the end of the year we see Baidu HI users scale we will find that the new Baidu HI will not be an embroidered shoes, he will not only understand Huaquanxiutui, for Tencent, this is perhaps a man eating wolf.

Based on the

IM platform, Baidu will be able to achieve a lot before want to do but can not match the things, Baidu will greatly satisfy the desire for expansion, regardless of whether the extension is Baidu alone, or in cooperation with third parties.

Baidu HI will directly impact the user group Tencent

a lot of people in the industry are not optimistic about the prospects of Baidu IM, the Tencent that currently occupies more than IM market share of 75%, Baidu entered the market there is no chance, the market share of the Tencent in the market share and the proportion of Taobao in 2003 to enter the C2C market when eBay accounted for the C2C is very close, but 5 years later when we look back, look at the eBay market share in


Chinese Internet competition has been transformed into a Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu three companies compete with Baidu to join soon three will have instant messaging tools from users, Ali Wangwang user object is a commercial people, to meet the demand on business. The Baidu site itself is more emphasis on the user groups of the younger generation of students, as well as just to participate in the work of young people, the group and the coincidence of the Tencent is quite high. Baidu reached the city the first is with the Tencent to grab the meat, although it cannot predict who can grab more final.

young love to try new products, and loyalty is relatively low, Baidu’s intervention seems a great opportunity, a strong opponent turned out, the Tencent heavy Penguin appears to be careful.

IM market battle has just begun

2007 China Internet survey statistics show that China’s IM market size has reached 4 billion 750 million yuan, is expected in 2009, the market size will reach $8 billion 760 million, with more than 30%>

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