WeChat media pseudo big coffee will also be forced to swim naked PP

Two days before WeChat

public platform to show the amount of reading it is because of the raise a Babel of criticism of the. WeChat claims to have many big coffee hundreds of thousands of fans, when you see that the amount of reading only a few thousand times, a moment of feeling was hit in the face. As these WeChat big coffee have become a treasure when at a loss, suddenly came the good news, can brush Oh! But pinch, according to WeChat official public platform good times don’t last long, micro-blog news, WeChat will vigorously punish public, brush the amount of reading situation.


public number "naked"

is good or bad?

has many claims to have tens of thousands of media from the large, the use of asymmetric information to deceive advertisers. There are hundreds of thousands of fans know him, can not know the amount of reading. Even if the number of fans 50000, but the amount of reading is 500 or 5000?.

many people think that WeChat public number for the majority of users actually naked and advertising to advertisers, this is definitely a big thing. Transparency of the data, it is easier for people to see those false big empty. Thus, is conducive to the healthy development of WeChat public platform.

and others believe that this is a temporary solution, transparent data will give rise to the third party business brush amount of reading. While some of the operation of the WeChat public number of problems in the process, the amount of reading is not sufficient to indicate the number of public activity.

for WeChat open public number amount of reading data, Tencent WeChat public platform for the official said was mainly to maintain the healthy development of the platform, hoping to make the WeChat public platform to provide quality content and creative interactive content more, so fake and shoddy products, malicious marketing gradually. Have to say, Tencent official is still standing in the user’s point of view to maintain a good ecological environment platform.


After the

crack down to read the amount of brush behavior still naked PP

at about 21 p.m. on July 28, 2014, Tencent WeChat public platform issued a message that Tencent will crack down on irregularities in the near future, the focus is on the amount of brush and brush brush WeChat like behavior.

Tencent WeChat public Ping said the near future will be reported by technical means and user behavior, to crack down on brush powder and false click behavior. At the same time, the public platform information is also prohibited to jump to third party malicious marketing links and insecure links. And severely crack down on some of the commercial acts of selling fakes, to avoid causing a certain loss of property.

This is equivalent to the

Tencent WeChat coffee underpants off later, and hit their PP. This will make those opportunists become impatient, once unable to read the amount of brush and adventure to brush it, it was closed, it will not try to


future media people should go from here?

for the Tencent WeChat public platform one after another force, I believe some people from the media.

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