Do programmers pay high welfare good n fact, a lot of people are going crazy

software programmers now seem to be able to make money and work to protect the occupation, but this occupation of your mental health will cause great harm.

there are two things that almost make programmers crazy.

one is known as "syndrome syndrome" (imposter). People who suffer from this condition are usually found to work together with all the programmers who are smarter than themselves and have more talent than themselves. Your life has been fear, fear that others will eventually find that you are a fake, your skills and abilities are put.


It is not surprising that

often has a female programmer who confesses that he suffers from "imposter syndrome". The mental illness was developed by psychologist Pauline Rose Dr. Clance and Dr. Suzanne Imes, who found that some of the most successful women showed the symptoms. There are a lot of mental health books are also based on "syndrome" (imposter) as the theme, popular among female readers.

, however, a large number of male programmers are increasingly showing that they also have this kind of mental stress.

people usually like to ask for others, but these people have a common habit is to impose their own high standards and requirements. This syndrome is usually found in a profession that has been judged and compared. Software development is such an industry, especially open source software, everyone can see your code, you can modify it.

from "cheater" to "real programmer"


syndrome syndrome (imposter) will allow programmers to fall into such a trap: they think they need to work harder to be good enough. This means that they have to spend more time programming – with all the time to open up – to undertake more project development.

, the psychological phenomenon known as "real programmers" syndrome, was born in a hot post on Reddit. This "real programmer" lives only in coding. Reddit friends big_al11 explained:

a "real programmer" is the kind of person who loves programming, so much love that he’s programmed all the time. Real Programmers don’t think programming is a "job"".

if a programmer doesn’t work 60-80 hours a week (free of charge, just because programming is fun), he’s not a "real programmer."".

throughout the industry

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