Taobao sellers survey Ali wireless high growth is pseudo prosperity


billion state power Alibaba group on 16 June, SEC submitted an updated prospectus, the overall financial data of 2013 financial year was updated.

noted billion state power network, in addition to the overall financial data of Alibaba, emphasizes the brave’s business in the wireless terminal performance. A mobile terminal monthly active users rose to 163 million in the first quarter of 2014, only a quarter increase of 19.9%; two is through the acquisition of UC direct access to 264 million active users; three is the first quarter of 2014 compared to the wireless terminal revenue grew by 691% last year, revenue reached 1 billion 162 million yuan, accounting for up to 12%.

Alibaba in the last update to the prospectus, only released sales accounted for the proportion of income but not published (as of 2013 December, the mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 19.7% of the Alibaba), and this is clearly announced the mobile terminal revenue accounted for 12%, which indicates the number 12% is enough to make an Alibaba "presentable performance.

indeed, even relatively IPO mobile terminal sales reached 49%, Jingdong IPO mobile terminal orders accounted for more than 18% of the number of Alibaba in the mobile terminal revenue accounted for 12% is still not sexy, but considering the diversity of business of Alibaba (retail and non retail, pure platform) and a large base of other reasons, this figure reflects Ali did enough in the wireless side of the boom".

on the wireless side of the value, reflecting the Alibaba trying to speak in the capital market to try to tell a new story of ambition, that in any case to show the strength of the mobile Internet giant.

it is worth noting that, in Ali’s wireless strategy, Taobao mobile phone is located at the center of the towering trees. Similar to the PC side, the phone Taobao not only includes the Taobao market, the same phone Tmall, Juhuasuan mobile phone traffic entrance. In 2013 double eleven day, Taobao mobile phone turnover reached 3 billion 600 million, the number of orders accounted for 24% of the whole; by the end of 2013, mobile phone Taobao cumulative access users has exceeded 300 million, the number of mobile end sellers 3 million 550 thousand; in 2014, Taobao mobile phone store traffic does not exceed 40% of the proportion, ashamed of mobile providers.

, however, to see how the seller? In the official data of the "luxury" behind the sellers in the mobile phone Taobao

really like a duck?

phenomenon: higher data inexplicable inner fear seller

billion state power network is found in the research process, from the beginning of 2013, Taobao’s mobile phone seller flow increase rapidly; and in 2014, part of the seller traffic even more than the PC terminal in a mobile terminal. "But in fact, we didn’t do anything, and the data were so high that it was very disturbing." A Taobao mobile terminal traffic bonus "scared of brands operating officer told billion state power network.


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