Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (12.29-1.4)

talk about his work experience in the newspaper website

I graduated from the university this year, before and after the Xiangfan evening news news website, Huangshi radio and television under the regional comprehensive website. In the former work for nearly two months, said to be an internship, basically nothing to pay, but then hit an event, gave me a MP3, in the radio and television web site working time is shorter, less than a week. The reason is that they are currently on the strength of the people and not prepared, do not know what time can be positive.

personal experience sharing: do stand as Taobao

a newbie because do not know of network knowledge, so it is difficult to make money in a short time, in the network are mostly young people, not what economic source, life may have become a problem for a while, though I say people, I also said my feelings, because I came from the novice, just started when the network, without work, hunger is homely food for me.

personal webmaster how to make money to recover the cost of your site

personal webmaster how to make money? May each individual webmaster want to know how others make money, at least know how to earn back the cost. My information station only 1500IP (poor, stock), although only then IP but not even the cost of not having come back, then I do share more than a year of part-time webmaster experience.

personal webmaster predicts the future of SNS website

has 2 months ending 2008, now seems premature end in a year, 2 months is likely to turn the world upside down but so far, the Internet, the future development trend of SNS I only. In 2008, SNS website is undoubtedly the Internet arm, at least in the downturn of the economic situation and the form of the Internet, it reached the dark horse, and indeed with agitation. My friend often touted SNS puzzled, but now the good momentum of development is the best evidence of my prophecy.

insights: do you lose the industry site

today take the time to focus on the idea of the current Internet webmaster. In the ADMIN5 to see a lot of about the growth of the Chinese article, also had the honor to get to know the ADMIN5 of a webmaster, in the chat I told him for personal webmaster I have a confused mind. After a long time, he told me, not because I lost, but because I expect on the website of the value is too high, the Internet is the main interest and hobbies, and one of the most important things, it is the spirit that persevere spirit, not because you are a person confused, China Internet also very confused about the future development. But this confusion will soon have a direction. If you give up now, when you can see the direction of the investment, it is too late, there is no place.

personal sharing site was Baidu K after the new method included


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