Since the media looking for profit model only the value of sustainable development

editor’s note / famous people from the media "ghost foot seven" blog "from the media, you can go far" sparked deep thinking on the media development model, the "fighting man" from the media people, how to persist, how to avoid run out of ideas, how to achieve sustainable "every day release" is becoming a difficult problem in front of them.

not only that, since the media development needs favorable earnings support, whether this support is from the media itself, or from the external financing, or from the media line of other operations, without financial support, since the media is also bigger, or do the quality, level. deputy editor in chief Li Mingyu told reporters: "China business" from the media profit or not, is observed since the media are the best development of the standard. In my opinion, only to achieve their own profitability and sustainable development, from the media can truly reflect the value of existence." However, this is precisely the current media insurmountable trap.

from the media: no longer crazy, we are old

2:00-5:00 every afternoon, 3 hours, is Cheng Lingfeng for his media since the "cloud" technology for working time, he might see the information, chat and circle of friends, and wrote that TMT insiders fascinated the manuscript. While the rest of the time, he used to climb mountains, meditation, reading, watching dvds.

played out, "why, because I will interview." Cheng Lingfeng said, at the same time, due to the strengthening of influence, more and more people began to take the initiative to contribute to him, but because of the quality requirements of the manuscript, he refused more.


did not reject standard, if you can put this standard spoken or written, so the media creation will become a line, it is not to let readers love the manuscript, creation is a work with very strong subjectivity."

was born in Technology Center Director Cheng Lingfeng on the circle of the latest product information with high sensitivity, which also makes him on the trend of the judge has attracted a large number of mainstream circle of concern, but as of press time, he has won 40 thousand high-end users attention, including many IT business owners and investors.


got 200 thousand ad 3 months ago, the next may be less, there are tens of thousands of pieces of income per month, which is enough for me, in fact, every month as long as I have an income of 10 thousand yuan will be able to do it, and this income is not difficult for me." Obviously, since the media have been worried about Cheng Lingfeng’s ability to feed itself has crossed the threshold.

"that is, these ads are not me, but all are ‘waiting’ to wait for me, this proves that people provide content or high degree of identity, in a sense, this also proves the value of logic: since the media is really in the aspect of.

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