Sources said Twitter new financing valuation of $250 million

Beijing on January 25th news, according to foreign technology blog TechCrunch reported recently, one insider said, micro blog Twitter and a Vc firm has reached the capital injection agreement, will get a new round of venture capital, Vc firm of Twitter valuation of $250 million.

Prior to

, Twitter has just rejected a $500 million takeover offer from Facebook, and declared, Twitter will strive to find effective profit model in the period of 2009, to reduce dependence on vc.

according to TechCrunch, in the first two rounds of financing, Twitter has received $20 million in venture capital. One of the last financing took place in June 2008, received a $15 million venture capital.

according to the rumors, Twitter was able to make a number of Vc firm make $250 million valuation on the one hand because of the recent Twitter traffic increases, on the other hand may benefit from Facebook’s intention to buy. If Twitter can really get a new round of capital injection, then it will have more time to explore the profit model.

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