Ding Lei finally showed the attitude The NetEase will spin off business portal news however there wi

on the evening of September 13th, Bloomberg quoted informed sources, NetEase will spin off the news business financing $300 million, the form of financing may be carried out in the United States IPO, but may also be the direct sale of the news business. The division is still in the planning stage, NetEase is seeking to negotiate with potential buyers.

suddenly chose to split the reasons

since 2000 listed NetEase, NetEase and NetEase have news games is inseparable part of group, it is not only NetEase brand window, is an important source of traffic for many business NetEase. It can be said to be suddenly exposed to split independent financing even sell it is quite unexpected, but think carefully but can not understand.

benefited from the "attitude" of the news, the NetEase has a good reputation, but chengyexiaohe baiyexiaohe, is based on the position, this led to years of NetEase news audience has been too small. And several other large portals are not the same, the NetEase is partial user group young cynic from this point, the four portals in the comments area is remarkable.

This brings the advantages of

, for the target user group NetEase user experience significantly better than the other three, the NetEase news also has accumulated a lot of loyal clusters, but it also makes more mainstream crowd widely recognized too NetEase news values, the "attitude" is often a little industry news tucao. The final result is the NetEase coverage than the other three home games is narrow, and because of the support of business, NetEase of advertising revenue growth compared to is not very urgent, always have praised the feeling in the environment.

is now the Chinese network game market, has always been a Tencent, NetEase and other three companies all over the world, this shows the status of the NetEase in the gaming market, but on the other hand also indicates that the NetEase and the Tencent in the game market competition will become increasingly fierce. The latest example is just a NetEase with agent blizzard "watch pioneer" in the field of FPS-MOBA success, the Tencent announced the agents of the same type of game "mission Ranger". In the mobile gaming market, the two companies have been fighting with a number of Tencent have be in full swing, the leading NetEase with boutique is forcing.

and NetEase according to the latest quarterly results, as of June 30, 2016 second quarter revenue of $1 billion 347 million, an increase of 96%, of which about $969 million in revenue source NetEase online games accounted for total revenues of 3/4. The game brings revenue growth of more than 77%, it is the main reason to promote NetEase revenue rose.

addition to the electricity supplier’s $234 million revenue has become a new source of revenue growth in NetEase, NetEase electricity supplier business grew by 257.8%. The koala and cover the sea purchase, insurance, lottery tickets, movie tickets, one yuan and Indiana is unlikely to be known to the outside world the precious metals business, has gradually become the new darling of Ding Lei. In contrast to the news client and portal advertising

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