Eighteen years China Gaming in demonizing difficult to grow, nternet plus final realization

Abstract: reviewing the Chinese eSports walk, tortuous and difficult, from 1998 to 2015 after eighteen years, the gaming people never give up, finally to explore a Chinese belongs to own road gaming.


recently, the Holland market research company Newzoo released the "2015 global game market report", the report pointed out that the number of global gaming enthusiasts will increase by 37% compared with last year, all the countries in the Asia Pacific region in 2015, Chinese gaming market revenue is expected revenue of $36 million 700 thousand, for the first time over the South Korean gaming market revenue of $28 million 900 thousand, Chinese will become Asia the new overlord.

from 1998 to 2015 Chinese gaming after eighteen years of time, eighteen year old China gaming is far from adult, and surpass South Korea to become the Asian gaming overlord can only be regarded as a growth. However, in the past eighteen years, Chinese gaming seems an abandoned child, living in loneliness, indifference, narrow difficult.

Chinese eSports tragic history

before 2003, by WCG, CPL and ESWC and other international events, domestic development of the gaming industry is very fast, but, at the time of the Korean TV + electronic sports +Kespa (Korean occupation E-sports Association) model will be Korea E-sports to the world summit, the electronic sports commercial operation is very successful. Of course, this also affected the domestic gaming industry, mature gaming mode from South Korea to become the best choice Chinese gaming.

in November 18, 2003, China E-sports was established by the National Sports Bureau as China’s ninety-ninth sports. For this Chinese gaming history is the most memorable moment, from now on, China E-sports finally can justifiably go on stage, learn from the mature model of South Korea, the gaming industry show explosive growth in a short period of time. At that time, the domestic mainstream media of E-sports great support, many domestic TV have opened the game shows, such as the travel channel game thing, Shanghai TV tour crazy, Xi’an TV game club, CCTV5 electronic sports world, and these ratings are among the best, it can be said that Chinese E-sports engraved with a incomparable resources and market prospect in the.


, a gaming industry is fleeting. In April 12, 2004, SARFT issued a "notice" on the prohibition of computer game programs broadcast network, gaming shows are canceled, which means that from that moment, the Road South Korea e-sports, in Chinese completely blocked. Since then, gaming like a China mainstream society abandoned children, live in loneliness, indifference, slit.

, the mainstream media is a fatal blow for gaming, as the body was blocking the throat, difficult to breathe. Channel was strangled, investors flocked to leave, so that the original fiery electronic market suddenly into the cold winter

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