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technology news Beijing time on June 12th afternoon, in order to compete for the 193 million China online shopping crowd, and improve the sales network, the Alibaba group has adopted a new measures: out of pocket for businesses to cut prices. Ma Yun said that China’s other e-commerce companies are basically imitating the U.S. Internet business model, the cottage will never survive.

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, China’s largest e-commerce company plans to spend 300 million yuan (about $47 million) to start the summer promotion, involving products ranging from iPhone to TV to air conditioning, all sold through Tmall. This business model similar to the eBay site, will provide subsidies for those businesses discount promotions.

the project will exacerbate the user battle between Alibaba and Jingdong mall and Tencent. According to Boston consulting firm estimates that China’s online shopping group reached 193 million people.

they help their own businesses to cut prices, the mall to snatch Jingdong users." RedTech Michael, general manager of market research firm ·, Advisors (Michael Clendenin), said, this move is very radical."

the project is mainly focused on electronic products, all involved in the project of Tmall businesses can apply for discount subsidies. Alibaba may also directly to consumers to pay discount.

to attract consumers to Tmall shopping, is an important step in Alibaba CEO Ma Nuggets Chinese e-commerce market. Alibaba is financing through bonds and equity transactions to buy back $7 billion 100 million from YAHOO.


"people now see Alibaba as an e-commerce company, an Internet kingdom." Ma said in an interview in Beijing in June 7th, it is not the Kingdom, but the ecosystem."

Ma Yun said that Alibaba may be listed within 5 years. He believes that Alibaba can respond to new challenges. In Ma’s view, China’s other e-commerce companies are basically imitating the U.S. Internet business model. "The cottage will never survive." He said.

according to Analysys, the first quarter of this year, Tmall’s share in China B2C e-commerce market is 37%, Jingdong mall was 17%, ranked second. Suning, Tencent and Amazon China’s share of about 2%.

Alibaba is now the most obvious advantages – they have a platform, but also about the note." China Market Research Group analyst Ben · Cavender (Ben Cavender) said

China’s online shopping users than the United states. According to Boston consulting firm predicts that in 2015, China’s e-commerce market size will expand two times compared to the current, reaching $364 billion. RedT>

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