Life searching for the first case of final infringement was dismissed NPC v.

September 25th morning news, according to the relevant person in charge confirmed that the net love a band, and between the net love a band dispute has been the end of. According to the final verdict of the Beijing first intermediate people’s court, the revocation of the previous trial that love to help network copyright infringement judgment, and dismissed all claims

so far, this was called the first case of life search lawsuit, after more than a year after the final dust settles.

final revocation of the first instance copyright infringement judgment

actually love net and dispute began at the end of 2007. At that time, found love to help network without permission to review the contents of the 132 restaurants that is posted on the website from the, but in each text under specify from, a total of 370 words.

public comment immediately sent a letter to the requirements of net love a band to remove infringing content immediately. And love to help network admitted that although from the grasp of information, but the search engine technology service ", has refused to delete link".

April 2008, to copyright infringement, litigation formally to the Beijing Haidian District people’s court, requesting an order of net love a band to remove infringing content on the site, a public apology and compensation for economic loss of 200 thousand yuan.

in October 28th of the same year, Beijing City, Haidian District people’s court verdict, the court found love to help network copyright infringement facts was sentenced to stop using love to help network from the contents of, and compensation for economic loss of 30 thousand yuan.

then, net love a band to the Beijing first intermediate people’s Court of appeal.

yesterday said the case of the final judgment has been made, said to Sina’s statement of net love a band in contact after, has received the Beijing first intermediate people’s court recently (2009) in the final word no. 5031st verdict, the court ultimately ruled that the revocation of a previous trial verdict, and rejected the to love to help network all the claims.

vertical search information capture technology is not illegal

the most striking place is the dispute over the copyright of the search engine, the focus of the industry is that the search engine how to grasp the content of the index and the legal boundaries between the copy.

in the first trial, the court held that the search engine should help Internet users in the vast amounts of information quickly to search and locate the information they need to provide information, index source website and network addresses the link to the user, to guide the user to the third party website search content, should not be substituted for third party website content.

Haidian District Beijing people’s court

in a judgment that Internet Co can not provide the name of the search engine service, a large number of random source website entitled to copy the contents, to make.

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