Jiang Zengwei crack down on the use of online sales of counterfeit drugs crime

‘s new office today is special action against infringement of intellectual property rights and other relevant circumstances held a press conference, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods and director of the office of the leading group Jiang Zengwei said, the State Food and Drug Administration will crack down, using the Internet sales of counterfeit crime, in accordance with the law and the Internet the illegal publication of false drug information behavior.

Jiang Zengwei said that laws and regulations should be further strengthened to cover each drug. At the same time to increase the production of the source of governance, the relevant departments should strictly fulfill the pharmaceutical production enterprise qualification review, market access, quality supervision and other functions. Resolutely ban unlicensed production, the production of counterfeit drugs are concentrated in some key areas to be determined and the exposure of corporate and personal counterfeiting, counterfeit drugs, clean production environment.

Jiang Zengwei also stressed the need to strengthen market supervision. He said: we are now pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises and pharmaceutical production enterprises are reviewed, there is access threshold. We should vigorously develop modern marketing methods, cultivate modern pharmaceutical distribution enterprises, in particular, to develop chain operation and distribution. To strengthen the market operators, operators and managers of legal liability, banning unlicensed behavior."

Jiang Zengwei also pointed out that drug safety issues directly related to people’s lives and health and safety. After years of special combat and governance, the overall situation has gradually improved, but there are different degrees of fake and shoddy drugs. Some sites, as well as some other news media, without the review of the law, on the release of a number of illegal drug advertising, the existence of counterfeit drugs to provide space. On this issue, Jiang Zengwei stressed: "we should resolutely not hesitate."

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