Online reading this really close zhuaxia network! August 20th official farewell

A5 ( station network August 6th news, yesterday, some friends broke the news received zhuaxia net farewell mail, e-mail said, August 20, 2015 will be officially closed zhuaxia.

users should need backup subscription data, i.e. in the upper right corner of the page "tools" select "OPML" from the channel list, and then in the other reader to import this file.

Farewell letter:



It is reported that Google

, founded by the founder of Xu Yirong and Chen Zhenyu in 2005, is a collection, sharing, help users to subscribe to blogs and news about their reading online subscription, has been called the best to use the RSS online reading platform.

in addition, zhuaxia not RSS abandoned the first, in 2005, once the NetEase chief business, has been basically abandoned in 2006, then sold Yu Xunlei; 2009, zhuaxia network after a long time of silence, also had "close" rumors, eventually ended zhuaxia by Douban acquisition of fate.

pure RSS product is difficult to survive, technically, Google, Sina, Youdao and so many are doing, the lower threshold of the RSS reader, zhuaxia despite the introduction of watercress community huge flow, but still failed to quickly win customers, failed to get a stable income from network model; trend RSS, a subscription class website is also showing a trend of decline in 2010, Bloglines closed, 2012 Fastladder 2013, Google Reader has also embarked on a closed route.


shrimp nets, for we have set aside a market gap in micro-blog, WeChat and other mobile social content and the era of rampant, by way of how to keep their love, what people


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