Since ndonesia after the Kenya ban.XXX domain name statement

May 4th news, according to foreign media reports, since the ICANN approved open registration.XXX domain name suffix, support and opposition parties have not subsided, the day before the government of Kenya (Kenya) officially announced that it would limit the analysis of.XXX domain name suffix.

Kenya national information and Communication Minister Bitange Ndemo said: "the.XXX suffix is an adult site, will let people browse search and watch adult sites, even if the parents have children health supervision online, but there will be some negligence, therefore, to avoid the bad network phenomenon, the government of Kenya in the territory of.XXX domain name suffix."

is not the first Kenya government announced a ban on XXX suffixes, after the India government has already said, the country will prohibit the analytical.XXX, in addition, Indonesia also along with the rest of the Middle East and Indonesia and other countries on the Internet from the analytic domain name suffix.

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