On the nternet, similar products, different circles

everyone has their own circle, each member of the group has their similar or the same hobby, each circle is also relatively used to their brands and products. Is the so-called Like attracts like., Ferrari, Lamborghini Birds of a feather flock together., people probably won’t often open Xiali people mixed together, wearing Prada, GUCCI people probably do not often wear and Adidas, Nike people mixed together.

in the pre Internet era, because the product price difference is bigger, so the product can obviously reflect the people’s identity, and then identify their circle, but in the Internet era, the product price difference is not so big, and in many cases the products are free, the difference between the use of the product circle there are so big? This paper will sort out the relationship between the age of the Internet products and circle.

MSN QQ VS business circle VS life circle

at the end of 2012, when Microsoft announced it will be in the first quarter of 2013 was replaced by Skype MSN, it did not cause much vibration in the range of Chinese users, reason is not because this policy does not include the Chinese area, but because of MSN in Chinese users is declining day.

in 2005, when MSN entered the Chinese be long in coming, QQ has become the most Chinese network communication tools, but this does not mean that MSN have no chance, at that time, although the QQ experience is better, more convenient, but it gave many people the impression is chatting tool, so it’s in the company is not popular, many companies banned to hang QQ. In 2008 when I did my first job in Zhongguancun, my first task is to apply for company MSN, MSN gives the impression at that time is a simple, atmospheric, business scope, because of this MSN have a space for one person in that age, business communications that year, if you ask the customer to QQ, it might be a contemptuous glance at you said: "I have no QQ (wood louse), is my MSN……"

because of the difference between MSN and QQ, MSN in some areas has become the first tool for business communication networks, many business people based on MSN formed a completely different circle of their own and QQ.

MSN had a chance to become a communication tool with QQ racing together bridle to bridle in their business communication field, but it did eventually decline. Already let MSN be long in coming, without any advantage in the competition with QQ, even worse is it suffering from a foreign Internet Co to enter the Chinese failing, failure localization. Compared with QQ, although the MSN simple atmosphere, but from the function and experience on the QQ and far, such as in the group on the capacity of the MSN group of only 20 people, and at least 100 people QQ group. Used two kinds of tools for people at the same time, although the MSN hard, but also had to reluctantly part. Today MSN has become the memory of many people, I have not at least 3 years

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