Standing on the air but the wings of all passengers aged three big mistakes Reflection

where the customer is earlier than millet stand on the outlet of the company, but now it is still struggling, the listing is more elusive, is this why? Therefore, it is necessary for us to sort out what happened in the past few years, reflecting old mistakes.


"he said he just wanted the best white shirt, the night of June 2013. So, I kept asking, I kept looking, constantly thinking. 300, today’s dream come true." The evening of February 11th, Eslite founder and CEO in the old Sina micro-blog, with the way of prose poems and wrote such a sentence.

that "he" is where the investor Lei Jun. The morning of the second day, Lei Jun responded in the old micro-blog: "as we old users, my request is very simple, a white shirt is really good! The product well, there will be where the customer brand and customer loyalty


March 20th, when you see this article, we should have launched the old saying "the best white shirt". It is said that this shirt reached 300 yarn, you know, the current market shirt up to 120. The raw material of the shirt is made of Xinjiang Awati cotton, which is beyond the level of the general Egyptian cotton and American cotton. According to publicity materials, materials including water soluble Freudenberg lining, coats sewing thread, originating from sea shell buttons Solomon islands, and in the production of the professional version of the room.

obviously, vintage hopes such a "Bunker" to the poles of the white shirt, recall the old user’s trust. He also hopes to arouse investor confidence. On the afternoon of February 11th, the news spread like wildfire: where the customer won the Lei led, IDG, LIAN, ceyuan Saif, Qiming venture partners, Temasek and other old shareholders $100 million financing, this is where the customer for the seventh round of financing. Financing is a good news, but compared with before Temasek and Kerry Group $230 million sixth round of financing, this round of financing was shrunk, and it is said that Lei Jun took $25 million.


three years ago, Chen once said such a words: "money is the rules of the game, more money means you can do more things, you can also let more people have a rich, money is the most fair." Now, he must obey the rules of the game, accept money with. No way, he did not seize the opportunity to create money. Since October 18, 2007, every guest website online, he has led the company through more than 6 years of time, got a total of seven round of more than 500 million dollars in financing, in the eyes of investors, where the customer is earlier than millet standing on the outlet of the company, but now it is still struggling, the listing is more elusive, what why? Therefore, it is necessary for us to sort out.

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