China Army the oldest webmaster past life

he is a civil servant, but made an Internet business. He is 49 years old, is China’s oldest Internet webmaster. Today, he wants to force the mobile internet.

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Hua Jun software park (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Army) was founded 15 years, the interview was relatively small, because the situation is relatively special. I am the founder of the Chinese army, but the real management participation is relatively small, I am only the identity of the founder. Because I am a government civil servant, as director of the Shuyang Jiangsu software park.

I was born in 1963, 97 years to start to do the Chinese army, that time has been more than and 30 years old, the Internet should be considered the elderly. Now my children have graduated from college and work abroad. I think that the mentality is relatively good, quite young.

15 years have passed, and now the real owners can insist on down very little. The company has continued to withdraw, the sale of the sale, closure, diverted diverted. Drive home sold to Jinshan, the sky sold to Baidu. Zhang He, the founder of the sky and I am very good friends, when they do, often chat together.

Internet groundless talk. I think we should stick to their direction, do go on doing this, a temporary setback is definitely yes, but after a Kaner, is another world.

Why China can persist in

? I think it may have something to do with my style: if you feel good, I will persist in doing it, as long as the meaningful things, momentary gains and losses not think very much. In addition, the Chinese army has been relatively benign, a certain period of time may not be good, but the previous income not squandering, can support. After a period of fluctuation, the next stage will be better. From a personal webmaster to grow into a Internet Co, not only to adhere to their own ideas, adhere to customer service, the most important thing is to learn how to control costs.

does not sell, do not finance

Of course

ten years experienced several kaner.

first of all, there are a lot of temptation in the middle, a number of first-line Internet Co talked to us about the acquisition. I don’t think it’s too much fun, just get a sum of money, why sell it to their hands, it will not be particularly large. Because the download industry is relatively low threshold, I think we have done very well, and they buy the past, or not to go. After the sky was acquired by Baidu, and now there is no much difference between the acquisition, as the same type of site I feel a little disappointed.

we have not received investment, investment is the need to return. At the beginning of genuine software in China there is no market, in addition to a few other Tencent, most of the software itself almost no value-added services, that is, the software itself does not make money. And if sold, in accordance with the agreement, I personally have to bind a period of time, I am likely to do

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