Baidu established Baidu capital fund size 20 billion yuan

October 12th news, Baidu today announced the establishment of Baidu capital (Baidu Capital), the fund size of 20 billion yuan, mainly to invest in the late pan in the field of the Internet project, the average investment amount for each project will be in the range of $50 million to $100 million, not limited to RMB or US dollar project for heavyweight project, will increase the amount of investment.

Baidu said Baidu CEO Robin Li will serve as chairman and chairman of the Investment Committee of Baidu capital. The newly established Baidu capital will be in accordance with the operation of an independent market fund, a scale of 20 billion yuan, will set up 2-3 management partner. Baidu capital will recruit partners from the investment circle, the Internet industry background, rich experience in PE investment and outstanding performance of investors, is the first choice of Baidu capital management partner.

is reported that Baidu capital sources include several large insurance funds, securities companies, a number of professional institutions of the parent fund, and even some government investment institutions in the context of communication.

a month ago, Baidu has just announced the establishment of Baidu Venture (Baidu), a $200 million investment, focusing on the field of artificial intelligence, AR, VR and other scientific and technological innovation, focusing mainly on early start-up projects.

it is reported that Baidu’s chief adviser Ren Xuyang is helping Baidu CEO Baidu Baidu venture capital and the preparation of the capital, and in the industry wide selection, recruitment of first-class fund management partner.

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