Multinational fixed Google style freedom requires the protection of user privacy

in order to prevent the online negative information of every hue is popular, many countries have put the focus of network supervision to search engines, social networking, video website, and set these online services in one of the Internet giant Google, has frequently received many government "defense" requirements.

since 2010, Google released a semi annual transparency report. 5 consecutive report shows that developed countries in response to illegal online information is very keen on Internet content regulation in. The second half of 2010, the United States has 6 courts for the same defamation case, requiring Google Corporation to delete 1110 online information. Over the same period, the United States courts and police put forward 182 requirements to delete the contents of the Internet, covering YouTube videos, Gmail mailboxes, blog and search results, almost all Google services.

a number of government and institutional "delete" requirements, in violation of local laws, beliefs, or endanger public safety, Google on some of the requirements, according to local regulations were processed. The second half of last year, Thailand information technology and communications department in violation of the law prohibited the offended monarch "as an excuse to ask Google to delete paragraph 149 for allegedly insulting the king of YouTube video, the Google Thailand limit user access to one of the 70%; Germany asked Google to delete paragraph 70 of the country’s children suspected of violating the" law "of the YouTube video, Google limit user access to video as part of the German response.

has also been banned from some content because it violates the provisions of Google services. The second half of last year, the British Association of police officers hope Google closed YouTube website on 5 to promote terrorism accounts, followed by the name of "Google Corporation in violation of the YouTube community, the criterion of" closed 5 accounts, removed about 640 videos.

Google transparency report shows that not all countries put forward the disclosure of personal data requirements can be met. The second half of 2011, the United States in 93% thousands of satisfied, as at the top of the list and the number of requests, and Russia, Turkey and Hungary have raised only dozens of times, but no one satisfied.

it is worth noting that, in the strict monitoring of Google Corporation’s search services, such as the requirements of the company to protect the privacy of users is also very strong voice. In June this year, the office of information services on Google Street Committee Britain announced the alleged violations of personal privacy started re investigation. Earlier, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission found that a Google engineer deliberately installed some software in the vista service on the camera, in order to obtain user data.

analysts pointed out that Google has been declared that more information means more choice and greater freedom ", whether in" to promote Internet freedom "as the United States, or in any other countries have different national conditions, are not likely to enjoy carefree" letter "

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