P2P collapse half of the risk of a year or a hundred failures

April 28th, Baidu more than and 800 offline P2P platform, analysts said, after an extraordinary development in the early, the current P2P industry is experiencing accelerated reshuffle stage, is expected this year or hundreds of institutions fail; but as the market gradually standardized, from the long-term perspective, the industry leader is expected to benefit from the adjustment.

after being cleaned by Baidu, a lot of net loan platform had to turn to the online marketing promotion offline marketing, increase sales of electricity and landing activities. Net loan home provided by the net loan popularity index shows that as of May 7th, the popularity index has fallen to a new low of nearly a month, the corresponding decline in volume.

data show that since April 28th, included in the statistics of the industry’s most important 104 P2P platform, a sharp decline in turnover, in May 3rd nearly a month low, the average daily turnover of less than 50 million yuan.

according to the relevant P2P practitioners revealed in Baidu before the ban, the industry’s main approach is through search engine marketing to get traffic, Baidu’s move will accelerate the industry polarization, is expected to P2P platform collapse years will exceed 100.

the source said, on the one hand, the previous "stragglers and disbanded soldiers type of small P2P platform will be difficult to continue.

according to incomplete statistics, this year, the issue of the platform (already running or unable to mention now) has more than 40, while in 2013 there were a total of 75 cases of collapse and the problem can not be solved. After the Baidu ban P2P platform put into operation, will affect a large part of the platform’s customer channels, so the collapse of the net loan should be a hundred years more conservative." The above said.

net loan home founder Xu Hongwei is expected, the current round of closures or will continue until 2015, when the collapse of the platform will have seven or eight or even higher, and then will form a basically stable pattern.

P2P net loan industry scale up to nearly a thousand, has far exceeded the market demand, the survival of the fittest competition is inevitable, "clear research center senior analyst Xu Zhipeng said:" in addition to the industry over the past one or two development, all kinds of non-standard operation problems caused by the pressure of capital chain accumulation to the outbreak the stage."

on the other hand, for the P2P leader, the reshuffle is conducive to regulate the industry, the focus of resources, so the development of good long-term prospects.

net loan home 2013 annual report shows that the industry’s net lending platform over 1000, most platforms the annual turnover not exceeding 500 million yuan, turnover of over 1 billion yuan is only 12, including peer-to-peer lending you loan me, Lu Jin, etc..

"and will not be part of the industry leader Baidu shuffle impact," analysts said: "at present, the industry’s leading platform has accumulated considerable customer base in the short term, Baidu blocked persons will affect a small part of the risk averse, but in the medium term, but will be good leading level >

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