Old long readme stand here today, let bygones be bygones!

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tiger sniffing all passengers aged CEO in the 828 conference speech record. Aged to explain to do a long and minute statement not to mind taking the trouble, the sequence of events as well as shirt, shirt as the representative of the textile industry, assorted technology flow, focus on science and fanaticism, millet gene appears to have gradually permeated. The aged also forthrightly said: "in fact: Lei as the representative of the board of directors, promoted the guest last year change." The shirt is more like his farewell to the original model of the Declaration: "I stand here today, let the past things in the past," the full text is as follows:

Hello, long time no see. We have no more than a year after the international conference, I was very nervous, today we went straight to the theme.

today’s theme is: a shirt. What do we have to tell you about a shirt?. In March of this year, I told the team: can we have a talk about shirts. They asked me not mobile phone and shirt can not run, can not be holy crap, how to open? How about


4 months ago when we decided to hold the conference, we made several decisions. A, determined not to please the catwalk models; two, determined not to let star three, please don’t show; resolutely Cang teacher. I am determined to only one person, in fact, so that we are in a dilemma.

1, Lei Jun: "can we make a shirt first?"

: a large number of facts prove to Lei Jun as the representative of the board of directors, promoted the guest last year change. Last June, I told the Lei drink, he said: we are still brothers? Is that we will not eat a meal, drink; I walk. We drank a bottle of red wine and a bottle of champagne, but threw more than and 20 cups. I was quite angry, because you put the millet Lei cattle, about 30000000000. But we are so famous, size is five or six billion company. You wouldn’t have to run my brother


after a period of time, want to see where the product Lei said. Last August 29th, Lei Jun to every guest. It was the winter of 2013 when the new shelves, all kinds of products in the office which put hundreds of hangers. That evening he came to see us after that, Lei Jun did not PPT ready, but straight to the hanger. After about 2 hours, he said: I do not seem to come to a brand shop, but a department store market. This saying is where the customer of the status quo, then we have at most more than and 50 channels, that is where the complex category. I remember Lei said to me at the time, so many categories, so many "Hangers" obviously not attention, not only out of control.

over a period of time, and he said to me, I can not, first make a shirt? This question, in my own good, where customers within the team or is not understand. Because we have historically made about 10000000 shirts, created about 1000000000 sales. What do you want to do a lining

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