Mobile nternet tickets for the end of the competition has been low-key layout is true


said last year the mobile Internet circle is still under discussion, "who get tickets", that if this year who mention "tickets" has no meaning, no new opportunity to enter the only two years, will accelerate the elimination rate of industry.


is still alive and committed to the mobile Internet business. Some of them have begun to make money in the mobile Internet, some still in the low-key layout, there are smug brewing new ways, also have a clear understanding of the situation early turn out. Just for "who can get the tickets, no company dare to call this guarantee.

chiefs admitted that only WeChat get tickets

August 13th Internet Conference held in beijing. Come to the "platform" heavyweights such as Zhang Zhaoyang, chairman of the board of directors of Sohu, Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi of the mobile internet ticket application expressed a clear attitude: the only Tencent WeChat got tickets for the most important mobile internet. As for other chiefs are still groping.

Zhou Hongyi believes that the real rigid demand on the phone is communication, if the opportunity to get WeChat, and other companies may have to consider how to build on this basis, to build wireless applications.

last year, a large Tencent acquisition of mobile Internet applications, the vertical field of electricity providers, this year the wind by Alibaba, Baidu relay. Over the past two years, the tide of Internet mergers and acquisitions also revealed that the giants through the funds for resources are in the market for the next phase of their occupation of time.

as for Alibaba, Baidu tickets, Zhou Hongyi think the opportunity is weak. Ali why did a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the previous paragraph, I believe that out of concern for wireless. So it will invest Sina micro-blog, UC browser, which is all in the future is very important in wireless applications."

on the 360 tickets in which, Zhou Hongyi said, until now 360 is still looking for a heavyweight product, whether it is their own development or through the acquisition of the team to get, need to process; while Zhang Zhaoyang is careful to entrance level application news client as a Sohu to enter the mobile internet.

As for the

mobile Internet entrance, Analysys International President Yu Yang believes that there is no unique entrance statement. Search is still the largest entrance in 3-5, but the video, payment, car, wearable health devices, LBS, shopping, etc. will be the entrance.

backbone low-key layout industry calm return

than they have the imagination of the point of view, concentrated in the vertical field of Internet backbone.

these companies have a common characteristic is that the first fast in the vertical field of Internet to find the exact location, there is a certain amount of active users, the business model favored access to capital, business can expand the huge space. But who never bet, said he will grab this ticket, but that in the system of.

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