How to use the product of thinking let gas star re energized

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"I am a singer" should be regarded as one of the most awesome products in 2014. Let a few of the stars, such as Han Lei, Huang Qishan, return to the first line of the line. The most wonderful is Huang Qishan, in the past basically fade out the music circle, and now its business price approaching 450 thousand yuan, almost up to 20 times.

product manager thinking, there are several key points worth learning:

1, the core of the product is to find the pain point, looking for differentiation. "I am a singer" deus ex is not easy, that is grassroots talent power, the audience is the grassroots players fighting spirit and a sense of identity, but this has been fatigued. Korean version of "I am a singer" contrary to the. 7 singers MBC television invited Korea’s most powerful rival, the audience directly by voting to elect the first to the seventh, the elimination system, out of the singer by a new singer for selected singer". This star class PK sense, more pain points.

2, manufacturing participation. One is to give each star with a screenwriter, digging the singer’s body and clues. One is the operation of the audience, each at the scene to watch 500 spectators play competition link is screened out 5 round of registration from the real name of around 50 thousand personnel in. These selected audiences are usually more emotional, understanding music, lively and generous, the scene of the 8 cameras will always stay in their faces, capture them every minute subtle changes.

3, Internet communication. Micro-blog, WeChat and other channels to discuss the formation of a "snowball effect". Whether it is Gloria Tang lovelorn, love in Zhou Bichang, or the back door of the car, almost every topic has aroused concern of the.

April 4th, I was a singer in the second quarter finals after the press conference, the winner of the Han Lei quipped: "finally became famous, and now there is no light, I have a little bit not accustomed to." Over the past 3 months, the Han Mongolian debut 23 years has experienced life in the most intensive interviews and TV performances, even to each Changsha recording program will be a large number of 80 or 90, after 00 fans waiting at the airport, like to see Korean idol as excited at him scream.

it’s a bit hard to imagine before Han Lei. Although he sang more than 700 songs, but most of them belong to the film and television drama, "only heard his voice, not his". Used to be a proposition composition, people let you sing what to sing." He said. Most of the main theme of the song and Mongolia folk song Han Lei was labeled a "party singer" label. Now his public image of 180 degree change, with "Adorable uncle". Han Lei is preparing for his first concert.

Han Lei is not the first through the platform of "salted fish" singer. "I’m a singer" in the first season of the contestants, the original zero band singer Zhou Xiaoou, Taiwan singer, thus returning to the one of Terry Lin

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