How to design your own business card

if your business card is printed on the name, position, contact information, then I advise you to throw the business card. Or in the face of the boss tore the business card, and asked to design a new business card, then the boss will say: business card is no problem, we have been using such a business card. Then you have to convince your boss to design a new business card, the colleague’s business card is also redesigned. What’s wrong with a business card? I’m going to tell a story.

The old Xie

friends opened a grocery store, he want to print a name card, ask me how my name card design, gave him an idea: in addition to name, address, contact information, scope of business, especially the delivery, and by the name card discount 2. The old Xie as I do, the effect is very good, the new open store more traffic, and require door-to-door delivery calls one after another. The old Xie business, in addition to his honest, integrity management, and thoughtful service, it can be said that he cannot do without a name card, then his name card fortunately? It "door-to-door, preferential dollars, this once let the old Xie to seize the hearts of customers, I not only free door-to-door, but also by the name card discount $2. Customer Why not?


how do I design my own name card? I with interest, with extra time to run a recipes — local recipes, recipes for the local network, I give myself a name card printing, usually in private activities, I will pass on this name card, sometimes encountered may have business relations man, I will pass on to the name card printing company.

front printed with

LOGO logo: local cuisine (including local recipes site name, site)

Name: name, name written below: an Internet practitioner, application, practitioners, distributors

contact: mobile phone, QQ, MSN, absolutely no blog address;

the opposite side (not to be empty, waste)

I run local recipes, there are nearly 2000 recipes, with Home Dishes, dishes, local cuisine, cuisine and other kinds of delicacy, Western-style food practices, if you don’t know how to do Stewed Pork Ball in Brown Sauce, can go to learn it.

website address:

How about

, you see this name card you will forget me? If my name card is only the name and contact details, after three months you will forget me, because you’re in touch with too many people, the brain can not remember. I believe that you will not forget me, because I have too many unique features on my business card:

1, Internet practitioners, practitioners, practitioners, distributors: I am an Internet industry, willing to become friends with you and share experience;

2, you definitely want to know more about me, so you have time to visit my blog;


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