Why do say that ASO does not have a large SEO technology operation space

said, I go straight to the point, ASO from SEO to PC, is the end of the flow has a day than a day, the correct value of gold mobile phase, this time I go to a new market, not better? But in turn, but found that the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. The market is big enough, the market will join a lot of new venture team is also true.


I was wrong, the ASO think too tall, the application of the market space is too large.

think about how the SEO has been valued by enterprises, Internet companies if there is no SEO department, it is ridiculous. SEO is the essence of the essence of SEO is the long tail word effect, a keyword can be derived from numerous related long tail word.

such as:

ASO tool

ASO optimization tools which

ASO Android tools which

ASO statistical tool

ASO word segmentation tool

ASO tool navigation…

to ASO tool this keyword, SEO can quickly multiply a number of long tail word. Each one of the long tail words should be able to bring a certain amount of traffic, and finally to the long tail word to promote the ranking of the main keywords. The purpose of the above said, just want to say, SEO relies on the search engine, the long tail word is entirely based on the user’s search habits to set, we look at the following example.

someone will search, men drink what tea good

someone will search, women drink what tea good

someone will search, kids drink tea

different users use search engine search keywords are different, the same SEO can even do according to different seasons of the long tail word, we look at these examples:

what kind of tea would you like to drink in summer?

what kind of tea do you have in winter

what kind of tea do you like in autumn

wet above sister lift so many examples to tell you that SEO compared with ASO in the choice of the operating space is wider and easier, then we come back to look at ASO.

do ASO first understand two questions:

1, where to do ASO optimization

2, for whom to do ASO optimization

on the first question: do ASO optimization in each application market

about second questions: for download

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