Domain name three million domain name cheap acquisition history

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platform twitter social reputation index score measurement and started the Klout domain had recently been exposed out of the transaction price, the domain name system, only spent $5000 acquisition, can you believe that the valuation of $200 million klout, was the official domain name "cheap"? While several well-known domestic and foreign website domain name, the original purchase price had really so cheap! domain value of $5000

Fernandes was founded in New York, klout, the domain is registered, due to the position of the mainstream.Com suffix in the domain field, has a $1000 offer for, but the transaction was not discussed, after 2009, things finally turning, company investment is increased with the domain name idea. One day, the domain name holder made a micro-blog that he is a restaurant in San Francisco, Fernandes immediately rushed to find him, and put a $5000 cash envelope in front of said, if you agree to accept these money to sell my domain name, that I will never bother you.

today, with the development of, the value of the domain name is N times the value, is no longer the value of $5000, Klout record for the domain name as persistent is that the revenue of the company a lot, not only early established brand benefit of saving time and cost, but also reduce the enterprise after the acquisition of funds to pay the costs and risks to the enterprise a a good domain name advertised, or as early as possible acquisition of good.

$7500 can buy social domain name?

words, foreign well-known social networking site Twitter official domain name is a precious overseas domain worth millions, you can think of that year was founded originally bought the domain name only $7500? Twitter on the line in March 2006, when the micro-blog service is not called Twitter its website domain name enabled, and is very close to it! is a completely creative domain, whereas Twitter is squeaking words, complete and easy to remember, the domain name has been registered in early 2000.

Twitter co-founder and CEO Evan · Williams (Evan Williams) at domain, eventually bought the domain name in July 2006, domain name trading price of $7500, this price belongs to the general price, at that time, however, 5 years of development is to make>

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