The knowledge economy began to make money this year, but is it a sustainable business

Once the

knowledge to find a good product, met a good user, just a platform to connect the supply and demand sides can achieve matching.

December 4, 2016, the first FM 123 knowledge Carnival in Himalaya, the final turnover of 50 million 880 thousand fell to the curtain. This time, this is no less than double the 11 shopping Carnival transactions are not physical goods, but can not see and touch the knowledge.

2016, Live, a known, and other platforms have emerged. This knowledge will be systematic combing, refining, and then packaged to provide users with a way to explore a new value for the knowledge economy.


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can be said that the year 2016 is a year of explosive development of knowledge pay. Although not from scratch, but whether it is the habit of paying users to develop, or the rise of a number of products or platforms, the development of knowledge economy in the Internet era has shown a different attitude.

consumers have never really paid the fee for the content of

in the early stage of the development of human civilization, content creation and dissemination form is very simple, but with the advent of the invention of computer and information era, media forms and modern society are becoming more and more diversified extremely rich source of content to content market offers a huge space for development. But whether it is a short message in the newspaper, or as a best seller, although it has long been a business, it has never been valued for its value.

content market now, almost all of the content of the product is to spread its media pricing, price and content value itself is not much relevance. Publishers pricing books based on production and distribution costs, as well as movies and music. A Southern Metropolis Daily 2 yuan, a first financial weekly, $10, an ordinary 2D movie tickets are now priced at nearly $30. But can you say that the content itself is worth so much money?


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with the advent of the Internet era, the content of the product to further reduce the cost of distribution, user access to the content of the source is more diversified. The source of the surge in the market competition intensified, but also further promote the content of the free. The "connection" magazine editor in chief of the former Chirs Anderson in his book "free" mentioned in the book:

twenty-first Century is the age of economics established on the basis of computer bytes, if something into the form of computer software, when it approaches zero production and circulation cost in massive users, its price will be close to zero. >

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