Tenacious growth bitcoin price back to 5000 yuan or more

, Shanghai, February (reporter Ye Jian) – bitcoin China data show that even if the central bank suffered two policies to suppress, bitcoin can still grow tenaciously. Bitcoin prices in China has now returned to about 5000 yuan, compared with the lowest point in December 2013, prices rebounded more than doubled.

volume and price rose out of the trading floor

from the price point of view, bitcoin has bottomed out. December 2013, the central bank two times bitcoin stance, first clear the positioning of bitcoin virtual goods, followed by the prohibition of the payment of the third party to provide services for bitcoin trading platform. Bitcoin in China price fell 7588 yuan from the end of November, the highest 2011 yuan in December 18th fell to the bottom.

Some people think that

, bitcoin platform in Chinese difficult to continue. Subsequently, bitcoin actually achieved a strong rebound. From December 19, 2013 onwards, bitcoin recovered 3000 yuan lost territory; in December 26th, to further break through the $4000 mark; since January in 2014, bitcoin fluctuations in about 5000 yuan.

, and bitcoin trading volume is also recovering. As a result of the introduction of fees, bitcoin China’s trading volume declined rapidly, from 2013 to 50 thousand average daily decline in the current average of about 10 thousand to less than. However, the transaction fee free fire money network trading volume has been rising, the average daily trading volume rose from 40 thousand in December to the current 80 thousand.

it is worth noting that, although the bitcoin price change radically, but bitcoin of the whole network is still steadily. Blockchain data show that, compared with the current bitcoin at the beginning of November 2013, the whole network is increased by nearly 5 times. The calculated stress continues to increase, for bitcoin mining investment continues to grow, which means that the market for bitcoin enthusiasm is far from decay.

cannot kill "Jack"

What is the

support bitcoin price volume rebounded? Reporter survey found that, although the central bank prohibit the third party payment platform services for bitcoin, bitcoin transactions account recharge becomes inconvenient, but the current bitcoin platform is also funding platform, trading money directly into the bitcoin platform enterprise account platform as an intermediary in a transaction transfer. To solve the problem of the transaction, bitcoin activity will gradually restore.

insiders believe that money directly into the transaction platform, increases the risk of the transaction, the transaction platform may even absconding. However, there are people in the industry believe that this is equivalent to bitcoin transactions into the traditional regulatory areas, the possibility of being found by bitcoin money laundering is higher. "Bitcoin Chinese" Vice President Kang Ling told reporters that regulators require us, once found similar money laundering traders must report.

there are people in the industry believe that this is determined by the characteristics of bitcoin. Kang Ling believes that bitcoin is a virtual currency globally, which is not.

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