Daily topics Ali listed Hongkong but missed striking one snag after another one! Let’s go to New Yor

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 14th news, why the issue of listed Alibaba so eye-catching. After rumors of Hongkong or New York, the Financial Times reported yesterday that Ali 95% was listed in New York rather than Hongkong. Ali really can be said to be the most watched IPO.

is listed for Ali is striking one snag after another, after rumors listing is still unknown. In fact, Ali always wanted to list in Hongkong, but Ali’s partner system is not accepted by the Hong Kong stock exchange. And Ali’s executive vice chairman Cai Chongxin also said: I can not understand the point is that people think we will adjust the partner system in order to achieve the listing in Hongkong. It’s impossible。 In the Hongkong market, investors are very serious about one vote principle. They believe that this is to maintain the integrity of the market on the one hand. I respect that." The implication is that we will not give up the partner system, then it can be said that if not choose listed in Hongkong.

I personally think Ali eventually listed in the United states. Although there are a lot of reports have said that the listing in Hongkong is more beneficial for Ali, Ali also tend to Hongkong listing. Ali’s valuation of the market is $120 billion, can be said to be one of the largest IPO in the history of finance. Ali lost this big market is also a blow to the Hongkong market. Both sides stick to their principles the final result is only a beat two scattered.

Why is

listed hopeless in Hongkong? Because of Ali enough time! No! According to Alibaba and YAHOO reached agreement in 2012, half of the Alibaba has the right to recover the YAHOO holdings of 24% shares on the occasion of the IOP is 12%. But the premise is that Ali must be listed before December 2015.

sources from the bank said that Alibaba group has many reasons not to wait for the Hongkong authorities to consult the public results, because it may be delayed for several months. Alibaba group completed a series of acquisitions in the near future, with a listed entity may help reduce the cost of capital of such activities. Alibaba may also want to complete the current valuation of the listing, because the company’s valuation has risen a lot.

results from the view, Alibaba 2013 earnings beautiful. 2013 second quarter, total revenue of $1 billion 737 million, an increase of $61%, net profit of $717 million, an increase of 145%. The third quarter of 2013, Alibaba revenues of $1 billion 780 million, an increase of 51%; net profit of $800 million, up losses. In addition, the Alibaba in 2013 carried out a series of investments, including Sina, micro-blog, Gao De, UC, unfamiliar street, small shrimp nets, on the road, fast taxi, alliance, Zhuo master, create a IPO atmosphere, make up the short board when the competition environment of mobile Internet, making the story more complete listing.

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