Do a good job in the promotion of network marketing network

to the new company has been more than a month’s time, the job is to do network promotion, job requirements, the company’s website promotion through the network platform, bring more profits for the company. More than a month, the real promotion that didn’t do much, have been busy in the revision task on the new company website, and the company server, installation and environment configuration, upgrade and maintenance of the forum.

company arrived second days, received two of the forum advertising company put the original renewal notice, when the boss is not considered in May the line promotion task, advertising can renew, not exceed the financial budget. Yesterday, again ask whether advertisers renewal, and we are given the answer is not renew.

today and senior chat the next day, then summarize the doings in the company’s own this month, not feel made many, focus correction started, I still spend most of their time and effort in promoting the forum, but it took only a small part of the energy spread in the company the main business.

company is the performance of the need, the boss to let me do network promotion, I hope through the promotion of the company’s website to bring more consultation, and then through the consultation into the registration (our company is a training organization). Enterprise site is not how much traffic, to the conversion rate. I made the mistake from the start.

I am in the heart of the forum, why? Because I want to do the flow of the forum, but the flow of the forum up, the amount of consultation is not, to the flow of what use?

I don’t

with ads on other sites, why? Because I think that other sites bring traffic is not large, but I ignored, what is flow? Advertising on other sites, will not flow, but the popularity of brand promotion, see the conversion.

so far, I have not started to modify the relevant content of the Baidu bid, all the key words are set up to retain the predecessors. I did not make a reasonable budget for Baidu, 6783 months is the peak season, but I did not expect to make a fuss about it.

not only to do SEO, but also to do sem.

The ultimate goal of

network promotion is to do better network marketing.

personal webmaster to use the network to promote the way to get traffic, you can do it for free. But a business, you want to bring more business through the site, you can not afford to spend money, pay for promotion, the enterprise is a kind of investment, a necessary investment.

I seem to be confined to the circle of personal webmaster, always like to do some free things, reluctant to spend money, of course, that is because I have no money.

is now staying in the company, the company assessment staff, is the focus of performance, if this month did not bring better publicity through the network, then I was lost >

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