The development of the times should also advance with the times

in twenty-first Century, with the development of economy, people have to meet the requirement of material culture, spiritual and cultural needs will be called the era of development focus, you can see a variety of entertainment venues, entertainment facilities, so manufacturers in order to attract more people to the consumer, will make a series of actions, what is it? You may know some, but at this stage may change, the following A5 webmaster and diagnosis of SEO team ( and everyone is talking about some methods and strategies in the contemporary special period of our generalization. First of all, we have to analyze the existing market promotion:

a, paper advertising

can be said that the earliest mature advertising paper, a marketing means is more familiar, it is in a very long time occupies the promotion of transparency, especially in the development of electronic technology is not mature in both the government and the official propaganda or private exchanges in all forms of publicity, it is uniform. The paper everywhere propaganda, we referred to as distributing leaflets, its main characteristic is not propaganda cost is low, many small businesses, small business owners will be able to afford the cost of advertising, which can not spend too much money, and officials push their products, this is the strong vitality of the survival of the propaganda paper.

two, TV promotion

With the rapid development of electronic products and the increasing number of TV users in the society, people began to turn their attention to the

tv. Now the TV in most families is still a necessity, he is a big family dinner chat around the common entertainment project, almost married in rural young people, each will be equipped with a more lavish TV, TV can be said that the degree of concern is particularly high, they can not think to click on any one channel, and then to find they want to watch TV shows, in the process of looking (this point Unlimited Business Opportunities), television in television programmes interspersed with a certain amount of advertising, people can understand or know the product or brand when watching the program, a potential purchasing power in the formation of intangibles. This is a very clear explanation of some of the phenomena. Many TV stations will spend a lot of money to buy a hit TV series or money broadcast the world’s top level sports events, such as NBA games, TV advertising will play the official partner. And draw more viewers. Admittedly television promotion is successful, there will be a lot of the audience, we are also more likely to form an audience’s purchasing power. But the TV advertising fee is amazing, there is no certain economic foundation for the post, is no longer insist on long-term television advertising, it may not be able to attract the audience and promote the purpose of the brand. TV promotion is a marketing promotion strategy with high cost.

three, network promotion

The popularization of

network has become the theme of the times

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