The value of mining RSS website promotion

introduce the topic today before a striker secretly took a look at the site, the morning, Baidu actually received, robots.txt lifted 12 points last night, today began to have an effect, a snapshot of the number is 21. Since Baidu is so awesome, it would make the word SEO Hefei will be done in one vigorous effort rushed.

RSS for many people both familiar and unfamiliar, familiar is often seen in various forums, blog orange RSS Subscribe button, but its practical application is scanty, it is a pity. On the definition of RSS I want to explain more clearly Baidu Encyclopedia http://s.baike. Baidu. Com/view/1644. In this HTM, but also much of the. This article mainly introduces the RSS striker played in the role of website promotion for everyone, it is worth digging.

we do website promotion work, how will first time visitors will become the target station again and even more, in other words to improve the viscosity of the website, this is an important step in the process of promotion. The common promotion marketing method is to do a good job of website content quality, improve the user experience of the website. In addition, we can also subscribe to the RSS way to improve the probability of repeat customers, increase site traffic. For example, the forward blog you subscribe to the QQ through the RSS mailbox, when you open the mailbox will receive a reminder of the vanguard blog update. The user can not run over the network to see information, for you, increase the opportunity to access it. Like QQ pop-up information, occasionally pop up a topic you are interested, you will unconsciously point in the Chou Chou, even if you hate the penguin. You see or not see it all there.

believes that everyone will see a question mark here, you see or not to see it all there, that is, someone must subscribe. How to increase the site’s RSS subscription opportunities this is through the RSS to promote the central content of the site. Forward here through their own operations, summed up a few points.

1, from the site itself. The classic orange RSS Subscribe button placed in a prominent position on the site, at least to allow visitors to see the site to provide a RSS subscription function. Since a lot of people will not use, then the RSS subscription to the hands of professor. As for how to make it look at you, the location, button style, size,

2, engine directory submission. You can submit your RSS address to the search engine and related topics category, so that not only can give you the site to improve the exposure rate, but also can easily bring you the high quality of the chain. RSS submission of the relevant directory at the end of the appendix.

3, the chain promotion. We are in the process of the construction of the chain of the site, also can promote Shundaizhao RSS subscription. You don’t have to say that, you know.

4, in the QQ group, E-mail Promotion >

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