Guy built the first dialect site Ningbo dialect Ningbo can also read and write online

how to read "corn" in the Ningbo dialect? How to enter the Internet? In the "Ningbo gossip" in the net as long as the little mouse, that read "six Valley, and can use the input method" special writing ". This is the first in our province Ningbo dialect teaching website, organizer of Zhenhai guy Xu Chunwei also invented the Ningbo dialect phonogram and input method, help users learn Ningbo dialect.

, a lot of people in Ningbo after 90 will not speak Ningbo dialect, no dialect, we will not only lose a lot of fun in life, but also will lose a lot of local characteristics of cultural heritage." Xu Chunwei, who likes to study dialect, germinated the idea of making dialect teaching website. He spent a full two years planning, collecting information, recently, Ningbo gossip network finally opened.


input, the eye is the "Ningbo gossip website page, in addition to the introduction of Ningbo dialect and Ningbo dialect, origin, Pinyin input method and electronic dictionary program, without the teacher can easily learn Ningbo dialect.

website in a special column called "Ningbo dialect pinyin", which is Xu Chunwei created. He said, Ningbo is the most difficult pronunciation, not as well known English, Mandarin spelling, therefore, he referred to the "Ningbo Dialect Dictionary", "Zhenhai county", "Yinxian county" data, a set of Ningbo dialect phonetic alphabet production arrangement, mastered various phonogram pronunciation, pronunciation Ningbo dialect can be Chinese characters each according to spell out the phonogram.

Xu Chunwei’s Ningbo gossip website opened just a few days, it was touted by users, click rate continues to rise. Net friend "Sanjiang water" said: "the site has a special Ningbo language software, learn quickly, but also in the online input of Ningbo dialect, I believe that the Ningbo dialect with the new site, approached more people." Working from Anhui to Zhang Gang of Ningbo, almost every night in Ningbo "gossip", he said: "not a few words in Ningbo, psychological always feel some distance from the city, usually can not find taught every day, now have" speak and write words of Ningbo’s website, learn it can be convenient."

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