How is the user comments BiliBili pictures

[Abstract] through the feedback of social networking platforms will find B station of film and television works has been a lot of users is the default image fit.


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text / Colonel Jun (WeChat public number: Chief observer mission)

two years ago, the industry is still on the "can become unsuspectingly Tucao business", and the rapid development of the two dimension economy is clearly beyond their expectations. Recently B station under the BiliBili pictures exposure, B station into commercial operation is not long, from the channel to the upstream content backstepping speed is far more than the Tencent, Sohu and other senior.

from the "look" into "film" the B station, the future is probably not the industry to understand, or to listen to the user how to say. The head of Jun from various sources to find some user feedback, we do not see support for "B station shooting" this support.

from micro-blog, Post Bar community, to explore the BiliBili pictures users still quite lively. Generally speaking, can be divided into these categories.

1: amazing day line, B station to shoot.

to tell the truth, the development speed of Bilibili is indeed beyond everyone’s expectations, many users of the B station is still stuck in the original video community. When the B station two dimensional commercial layout exposure, many users are still amazing.

2 experience worry: watching movies will not send a barrage of spoilers?

to tell the truth, the two dimension + + + movie theaters on social interaction, the system in the end how to play, the world did not know. B station based on existing products, many users are very intuitive experience in worry, such as the film will not be spoiled. Of course, this worry is certainly redundant, to ensure that the viewing experience this thing is not defective.

3 sent a congratulatory message: no advertising, B movies play a year.

B stands for users, there are two good places: one is the user experience is good enough, not advertising, content is appropriate; two three joint, users of B station can produce in line with the values of the works, is still quite confident.

4 type: two sent a congratulatory message to produce the copyright of B station is the first place.

high copyright procurement costs is difficult for all video sites, appear BiliBili pictures, but also to help solve the copyright problem of B station. The asset rights of the B station, its commercial closed loop can be further.

Netizen "

a B Bobo said:" B is the highest quality station barrage, and can cause resonance and bursting point, now many video sites also mimic this barrage of cultural content, but the barrage could not bear to look, is full of people.

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