QQ also want to do the public number of features similar to the WeChat open the right to fight each

yesterday, part of the circle of friends are about to do the QQ message to the public number scraper. In fact, a few months ago QQ had done a small range of targeted invitation online, is also one of the media are invited to the evening news. Until yesterday the Tencent mobile agency peaks meeting, Tencent senior executive vice president Tang Daosheng said, the fastest in the three quarter of this year even in the fourth quarter QQ will launch a number of public service, to form a system of community groups QQ + application + + public interest tribe ".

QQ public numbers in the second half will be on-line

"Chinese Internet history is a history of social evolution, from the earliest BBS, QQ group to Post Bar, watercress, SNS, micro-blog, WeChat, and now QQ interested tribes, the power of community never stop." Tang Daosheng said, mobile QQ plays a role in the connector Tencent mobile community strategy, we not only to connect people, but also to connect the community and services to create a broader business ecosystem."

Tencent has also become the three largest BAT in the strategic layout of the mobile community ecological field of the company. In Tang Daosheng seems, with the opening of the QQ community system, which will mean a new round of innovation and business opportunities are coming.

there is no doubt that the Tencent is the domestic mobile social areas take the lead in big brother, do not know can not match opponents too lonely, so about each stroke – after WeChat public line number two, QQ will push the public number. Borrow Tangdao Sheng mouth, the Tencent for the first time that QQ will be the fastest on-line public number after two or three months.

although Tang Daosheng did not elaborate, but from the previous beta, similar to the WeChat public number, QQ number is also divided into public tendency function push subscription number and service number two on the function, and the registration is more convenient, the direct use of QQ on the line.

community commercialization is realized in

with the rise of the mobile Internet, fans, fans of the economy, the mobile community, the concept of community economy is becoming a new wave of hot industry. QQ to do is not just a public number, but a group + application + Interest tribe + public number of the community system, is seeking commercial imagination behind the community.

commercial community has been implemented on the process of Tencent. QQ wallet is getting through the last ring of mobile community ecology." Wang Shaojun, general manager of QQ wallet, general manager of Tencent value-added channels, said, QQ has a wealth of social scene, such as the mother group, student groups, sports groups, games, etc.. The students need to collect fees, the mother group group purchase milk powder, motion group AA collection, game Group buy the game props or time.

Wang Shaojun said that when the community to get through the closed loop, the business model from the traditional use of traffic to sell advertising, extended to the VIP value-added model and capital appreciation mode. For example, in the "90", "after" the user is a wide range of expression package, design > 00

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