Ranking to lead, Baidu can not rape

      SEO has been our webmaster heart, or no flow or by K, but Chinese size website traffic from Baidu is not a decimal, however we want to optimize the propaganda to do pro but not strong, how to better, but not

induced rape?

      used to see a lot of people said that in Post Bar and propaganda is the fastest way of traffic sources, for visits and curiosity’s sake, I also tried the bad, others have not clearly stated the implementation way this despicable means, when the day I posted in Baidu Post Bar several links, the content is to have the positive significance of education, but second days I found TMD in strong X Baidu, he was K away. In desperation to find a few friends think of countermeasures, a lot of people say that the rape rape, many women all over the world anyway, well, yes, but it China Baidu aspect comparison, and we didn’t love Yangniu grade.

      I know that K is very difficult to stand up, Baidu is also not good for girls, the other side facing the rich side we were also at play, to eat swan meat

~ ~!

      so as clear as noonday seriously in life, work, let Baidu look happy, let her know that you do not want to have inordinate ambitions for her, so she does not exclude you. Specifically speaking, don’t try to seo.

      what is not too deep to SEO? What if Baidu know you love her, you have a deep hatred of her, you know the offender, she would have no one, so it is best to do China honest man, do not think that is a strong X, immoral uncivilized behavior and as I said, trying to do some than.

      1, do not remember the title. Do not take the degree of the problem, miss love dressed animals, it will think you have to seek the favor to do title search engine, you said not to mention malicious, Baidu spider spy, PS, now Baidu spider is not just a role, it has intelligent analysis of word segmentation, it is more like a man, or woman, ha ha.

      2, in addition to the title page optimization, even if it was mainly Description and Keywords tags, each page has the best, and conform to the contents of the page, but not all is a kind of www.36km.com page as follows:

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