Website promotion – long road and long (two)

always want to do a website of their own. Without it, because the love of literature so

!In fact,

, in my condition and family background, to understand and contact the computer, and thus into the network, and make their own personal characteristics of the site, can be said to be accidental coincidence. First of all, their educational level is not high (junior high school did not graduate).

and have no basic computer knowledge. Also in an accidental opportunity, met a meeting of QQ’s friends, followed him in the cafe to learn how to chat QQ. So, from now on, I love literature and understanding into the computer network world.

I think I, in this case, for other people, might have been on the Internet, chat, play games, what. But I’m different. Because I was interested in literature, but also love writing, and wrote many poems of what the lyrics. Browse the Internet to see so many beautiful websites and blog articles. So I have this idea. That is to do what you write and show it to others. Although the disease is not very good, but after all, is their true voice. So, I am committed to self-study, how to make their own personal space. Although I know my foundation is very poor, the computer foundation can be said to be equal to zero. At that time our country, let alone have not graduated from junior high school, high school is in high school and I’m afraid there is no computer courses; but in spite of this, my thoughts and ideas still has not changed. I have been studying hard, and I have bought some books on this subject. On the Internet to know and understand the knowledge of this friend humbly ask. But also to get to know a lot of sincere friends. At the same time to write their own lyrics lyrics to get online and the major forums published. Sometimes it will be appreciated. So, I am even more happy, want to have a space of their own ideas are more intense.

at the beginning, but also to a number of blog, 51 space to try, but soon I found that it is only a few simple home page template. Even if it is not their own independent space. So I don’t have to worry about it. I learned from self-study, Frontpage can make the design page, because at that time, Dreamweaver is not very famous. So I looked around for the design software. At that time, I did not have a computer. Are learning to do in the Internet bar. I traveled) all Internet cafes have not found this design software. Originally, Internet cafes are generally online chat, play games, can browse the web page to see the film, listen to song. Who will go to the Internet bar to learn to do this stuff; so I ran a lot of Internet cafes have not found this design software. Then a kind of network told me, said the software generally only commercial office is needed. General Internet cafes have not installed the software is installed. And no one will use it. He told me if it was true

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