Social media resources platform micro broadcast easily announced 320 million yuan financing

[Abstract] the financing funds will be used to expand the new field of social media marketing, video marketing.


technology news (Le Tian) October 12th news, social media platform and easy micro broadcast today officially announced the received 320 million yuan C round of financing, investors from Chinese cultural industry investment fund, venture capital, the degree of latitude, m capital, capital and other tree stone. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

micro broadcast easy CEO Xu Yang introduced the financing to start a few months ago, the background of increasing benefit from the influence of social networks, while in the "capital of winter", the capital is on social media field showed a positive attitude, the final rapid completion of the financing process. Xu Yang confirmed that the 320 million yuan has been credited into full account.

Xu Yang said that the financing funds will be used to develop new areas of social media marketing, video marketing.

Ye Chunyan, vice president of

China cultural industry investment fund, said the fund since 2013 has focused on the social media and social media marketing this emerging market. Easy to set up a team of several social networking micro change, the company’s strength has been enhanced. I believe that micro channel is bound to grow into a social media marketing unicorn.

One of the

financing case trees investment partner Tong Weiliang (micro-blog) said that the Chinese parasol tree found in the capital market in the course of visits, social media marketing demand has become one of the industry’s most urgent needs of the moment, in the list of solutions in the enterprise, easy micro broadcast has grown into a social media marketing, excellent platform since the media resources, and is still in a stage of rapid development.

Tong Weiliang said, micro broadcast is very low-key, there has been little foreign spread sound, until the discovery in the market is very optimistic about the visit, so micro broadcast easily, and the main part of the investment. This is also one of the investment in the case of the recent rapid decision Indus tree.

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