Bear children’s economy, parent-child education market ushered in the baptism of the nternet

from the content, services or products, parent-child education market will usher in the baptism of the internet. China’s fifth census data show that the total number of infants aged 0 to 3 years of age up to, 0-6 years old children of about 180 million; the annual birth population reached about 20000000. Two-child policy more and more open, more and more children bear, bear children Internet economy "outbreak is inevitable.


internet education is being YY, Baidu and School of high speed, but they are more focused on U12 education, that is, the entrance and extra-curricular education of the internet. In fact, early childhood education and parenting education also ushered in tremendous Internet innovation. Grab from the doll, the Internet is full of all the momentum. In terms of parent-child education, and the Internet will include parent-child combination of content products, parent-child services O2O, smart parenting toys.


content of parent-child products: early education content of OCS

children’s parents for the tiger may be more aware of some, this is a originated in Japan, then to Taiwan, the mainland has entered the China brand development content. Through a series of preschool children around the DVD and book teaching materials, education, to help children understand the world better and better. Its business model is customized in a time – like way, like a magazine, with regular updates.

content attributes, and constantly update the stage, selling content to make money, which makes Qiao tiger products and the Internet has a natural combination of attributes. The Internet allows parents and children to subscribe and get content more convenient, just as the Internet has replaced traditional media like tiger, who want to touch the nature. TV as the music has been embedded in the contents of clever tiger, Qiao tiger chose more suitable for parent-child scene of smart TV as an online content channel, its physical material can also be purchased through the electricity supplier channel.

is not a tiger, the market has a lot of new game player to do similar things, such as "Hello Booky" and "Mika growth world" and the pattern is very similar. 2010 Tencent veteran Zeng Liqing invested early education content and service website Courbevoie network, A round of investment of tens of millions of dollars. Recently, China’s well-known mother and child website is also a parent tree with the traditional parent-child educational institutions launched a similar multimedia package. The core feature is, early multimedia content is the sales channels electricity providers, content channels online, the Internet business model.

parent child service O2O: service community children

perhaps because the third industry itself will be in the upgrading of services, but also the trend of the wave of mobile Internet, local living services and the Internet combined with the concept of O2O is particularly popular in china. It allows offline services to get more potential users and build network connections, depth of service and Internet marketing; it also reduces the cost of Internet users to select and access services.

early childhood and parenting education "

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