Web 2 the spirit of the new media is interpersonal communication

      early Internet advertising, web site operators told to spend money to buy 1 million 300 thousand major advertising advertising exposure; later, according to popular ad clicks billing model, the website operator told the main advertising spend money to buy 1 million 300 thousand ad clicks.

      traditional advertising, look forward to let you see three times after the impression of the brand, when you go to the store when the consumer will remember to buy this product. This spirit was brought into the early online advertising, so advertisers have been told, even if the Internet users do not click on the ads, the same brand effect.

      this argument is so weak, but to have a huge budget large brand advertisers are quite useful. Although the number of clicks on the billing type of advertising is increasingly popular and carve up the small and medium advertisers budget, but this kind of advertising can still be paid out of the pocket of large advertisers.

      now, the Internet has entered the era of Web 2, a large brand advertisers and site operators are still using the old concept of the old and the 1 network marketing practices. In fact, Internet marketing has entered the era of "spending money to buy 1 million 300 thousand people in depth.".

      the key lies in "interpersonal communication", which is the Web 2 strengths and core spirit. It can be very simple to say, the traditional advertising is I broadcast you see, and Web 2 ad is I tell you, you tell him, the brand quickly in the interpersonal network expansion.

      the Pepsi case results

      the author here to share a recent Web 2 marketing can be called a classic case. The case of a month of activities, the results attracted 1 million 300 thousand people to sign up, the total number of votes to reach 120 million votes, the number of users during the event to reach the number of messages of 6 million 800 thousand.

      this activity is Pepsi’s annual large-scale online event, the name is "Pepsi I create, I want to go to the pot". Simply put, submit your photos to participate in the competition to allow others to vote, the highest number of votes in the first few, you can put your photos printed on the Pepsi cans.

      activity is divided into preliminary and final. Pepsi Cola are in cooperation with five large website primaries, five Division elected to participate in the general election. The preliminary 51.com division, the participants reached 1 million 300 thousand people, compared with the other four division plus two times the total number of entries for all the more.


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