Ali 1 billion 600 million shares are facing a ban on investors selling short

[Abstract] in addition, "Barron’s" published a long article, questioned the results of ali.


technology news in September 15th, when the Alibaba group (New York stock exchange code: BABA) in September last year, IPO (initial public offering) listing, the group sold 2 billion 500 million shares of approximately 600 million shares in circulation in which more than 300 million shares, in March this year has been out of the "lock", "lock" the remaining 1 billion 600 million shares will later this month end.

short selling investors have been flocking to short the stock. As of August 31st, the total shares of Alibaba selling group has more than 74 million shares, compared with an increase of two weeks after a stage of nearly 16 million shares, the highest since the highest level since listing of IPO group.

in the last six months of the lock period expires in mid March, the total share of the group’s short selling shares from Alibaba to more than 64 million shares of the above. The lock period expires brought a result, about 329 million shares of the Alibaba shares can become sold; while in the group announced as of March quarter earnings after the number of shares can be sold 100 million more shares.


group has been trying to dispel the doubts of the shareholders, will be pointed out in the later this month out of the "lock" 1 billion 600 million shares, 1 billion 450 million shares holders to the group said it would not sell. In addition, in the quarter earnings released recently, the Alibaba group also announced a total of $4 billion stock repurchase program, the decision at the time it seems rather strange, because at that time the group IPO listed for less than a year.

at the beginning of this week, the Alibaba said in a meeting, Chinese consumers are spending cuts, bring downward pressure to the group’s second quarter results. Affected by this, the group’s share price fell sharply, hitting $58 after IPO low and IPO $120 per share after the peak dropped by more than half, and $68 per share IPO price has fallen by about 15% compared to.

then, "Barron’s" published a long article on the weekend, report of the Alibaba group results questioned. For this question, the Alibaba group almost immediately responded, the article pointed out that "the fact contains inaccuracies, and the relevant information has been used selectively, (the author Jonathan Ryan (Jonathan · Laing)) made of misleading".

Alibaba shares rose above $64 on Friday, but fell again on Monday. At the close, the group’s shares in the New York stock exchange’s regular trading fell $2.03 to close at $62.60, down 3.14%. Over the past 52 weeks, Alibaba

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