Google launched fashion e-commerce website

Beijing on November 18th news, Google launched a fashion e-commerce website, the purpose is to make it become the first station of online shoppers, the website will by human management, and is equipped with virtual identification technology, and can recommend items to shoppers through the machine.

‘s move marks the official entry of Google into the rapidly growing online fashion market and is in direct competition with Amazon and eBay. According to the comScore report, this is a lucrative market, which includes clothing and accessories, in 2009 the U.S. market size has reached $19 billion. does not sell their products, hundreds of online businesses will provide products, including Ralph · Lauren (international famous clothing brand Ralph Lauren), Steve Madden (Steve Madden), Juicy Couture and other brands, other websites will guide shoppers to buy the products they can. Websites like and are also trying to make shopping and browsing more interesting.

Google Product Manager Jair Shah Meng · (Munjal Shah) said, with nearly 100 cooperation fashion taste, such as celebrities and designers, to choose their love costumes, and tell the Google machine of this style and taste, and then forming algorithm. He also said that Google is trying to guide the search for fashion goods users to Google has long been an independent product search service, such as the provision of electronic products such as the search, and access to the flow from the search engine. Over the past few years, product search has grown rapidly, but still lags behind Amazon and eBay.

came to shoppers can view the style chosen by experts, the Google algorithm will provide some similar styles for choice. Shoppers can also build their own boutique and get the recommended product based on their taste. is similar to, by Jair · Shah founded, it is also a virtual shopping site search. It is reported that in August this year, Google bought it for $100 million.’s business model is similar to the, if the user is shopping in other sites, businesses will provide the cost, or the user clicks on a merchant’s business to pay. Jair · Shah said that this pattern may change.

ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo said that was Google’s first attack and tried to use it to enhance the core

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