How to do the site really recommend

how to do the site really recommend? Must have many webmaster friends made the website evaluation, is the click of a button and then share your own website to share the high weight website on the web site, such as some of the community website, what, happy net, 51 friends network, QQ space. See here may be a lot of friends can see, but also very disdain said, such a large circle around I do not want to say that Baidu is Baidu share share! Yes, Baidu share is really recommend a very good tool, more important is this tool is the official Baidu, do not pull these no side of things, then how can we do really recommend


first, the content of the site must be valuable


name means that the website content should be of value to the users, speak bluntly is useful to the user, at least a little technical content, there should be little gold or not have value, such as our webmaster often some industries around the site, for example, search A5, the owners of the house. As the content of the web site for users is very valuable content, but also beneficial to users of the content is more for many of our webmaster websites such as knowledge of the industry, and there are a lot of content are original, otherwise we will not go to the station every day these sites, do not know I say to you, I am the reason to visit these sites.

two: the site has a good user experience

user experience of the word, I believe we have heard before, now is not to do any other industry SEO industry attaches great importance to the user experience, according to the relevant data show that in 2012 the domestic statistics, the number of sites has reached 2 million 580 thousand mark. From this data we can see that the Internet competition is tough, so what can we do to let users in many websites in love on our website? In fact is to breakthrough the user experience of the website, now many webmaster has to do from before the traditional search engine optimization to do user experience focus is placed on, to provide users with valuable content.

so now the webmaster should not only fight to fight more technical services, to consider the issue from the overall framework, website templates, tone, most of the users are easy to love the content, so the website design is more simple and more will be more favored by the users, simplify some unnecessary steps, such as the registration website when in the user, allowing users to only fill in the user name and password and email processing verification code can be, do not point to open a user registration page will allow users to fill out a pile of information, some users see the content to fill so do not want to register, so for too much trouble to do a lot of netizens do not have the patience to do.

three: build website brand

since we want users to be willing to recommend the site, allowing users to help us do free publicity, I think the best way is to create a network >

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