Tmall announcement Double 11 Beijing surrounding express timeliness will be extended


] November 10th news billion state power network, recently, Tmall announced that due to the impact of the Beijing APEC conference has expanded to Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, recommended businesses in eleven during the double focus on these local delivery, ahead of consumer management.


Tmall announcement screenshot

announcement said, APEC meeting limit line on the impact of courier services mainly in the following areas:

1, all from the above areas and the arrival of the above areas of express mail, aging will be extended;

2, in order to ensure the safety of all sent to the Beijing express, courier companies are in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the visual inspection of the box;

3, a portion of the goods delivery will be affected (especially to Beijing 5KG above goods), specific policies need to notice the courier company;

4, related to the express mail in Huairou, only EMS and post can undertake, it is recommended that businesses as far as possible to choose EMS and post;

5, because during the meeting Beijing government agencies, institutions and social organizations take a holiday, Gu need advice buyers try to fill in the home address, or select the rookie post and the surrounding site express service from mentioning.

at the same time, the announcement also suggested that businesses, because the 12 has yet to lift the limit line, in order to avoid the arrival of a large number of 12, will increase the area (especially Beijing) express pressure, North China and East China area surrounding the business as much as possible to adjust the package issued plan, minimize the issue to reach the area of goods.

announcement also said that due to EMS, the postal service is not within the scope of this restriction, in the traffic limit line sent to Beijing during the package, you can give priority to the two companies shipped.

had previously, industry analysis, logistics demand in eleven during the double sudden surge, will increase the express sluggish backlog, the phenomenon of the damage probability of goods. The APEC summit met the limit line, the normal operation of the double eleven logistics put forward higher requirements.

According to

billion state power network to understand, SF express in October 31st, issued a notice through the official website, due to the APEC summit, during the double eleven, SF EXPRESS will be in Beijing and the surrounding areas of the posting rules, service (product) and aging protection adjusting parts express will be delayed 3-5 days.

which specifically mentioned that during November 1st -14 days in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in Beijing / Tianjin / Hebei / the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region province express timeliness will be extended after 3-5 days.

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