nternet Association recommends ten innovative personal website

Admin5  06 Feb 27 Sina News: June 29th at 2:00-6:00 PM, China Internet association i-world will China Internet Conference 2007 annual special events: what may be the most likely possible, ten innovative personal websites.

this event by the China Internet association of communication and development center, the 2007 China Internet Conference Organizing Committee co sponsored Sina full support. There will be 10 outstanding webmaster from various fields, they use the Internet as a tool in the traditional industry to achieve unexpected success of the wonderful case show. In addition to the personal webmaster in investment, management, business, technology and other aspects there were suggestions, Mary billion, 265 Qihoo, Comsenz and other company executives and experts to the innovation of individual owners were put forward, various problems encountered and on-site to answer the webmaster.

this activity is divided into three sections:


Forum: "I would say" —Discovery100 ten "in the growth of innovative personal website sour, sweet, bitter, hot

expert comments on: media expert comments on enterprise expert comments on consulting, investment institutions on behalf of comments;

recommendation rules: each recommendation enterprise, self introduction is not more than 10 minutes, no more than 15 candidate enterprises, three enterprises of a group, a group of experts recommend, collective review, review time is not more than 5 minutes. At the end of this period to elect Sharon Discovery 100 ten innovative personal website recommendation;

section two: "I come to answer" — personal website needs and problems one to one answer

1, investment institutions and investors – how to evaluate the investment value of the site;

2, website technology companies and web technology experts – personal website technical aspects of the question and answer;

3, large business management – good advice on management, operation and team building;

4, innovative business – looking for personal website innovation profit model;

section three: we jointly grasp the development opportunities of personal websites, is about to become possible in the future

1, personal website CEO, 2008 Olympic idea;

2, in terms of user aggregation, content creation, traffic conversion, sharing of benefits

special tips –

participate in email or salon please leave your contact information, the staff will contact you as soon as possible.

– to ensure the communication quality, subject to site constraints, the number of sites within the limits of 60 people, the first applicants to obtain admission qualifications.

– because of the limited space, can not participate in the exchange of friends, please pay attention to the 2007 China Internet Conference Official Website: www.internetdigita>

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