Jinshan ban App advertising provoke controversy or the birth of the class application change

following the portal, QQ software advertising was once shielded, is still in the growth of App developers also suffered the same trouble. Recently, Jinshan network launched its mobile phone security products – mobile phone Duba Android version, intercept app advertising is one of its main selling point. However, in the application of advertising is the most profitable mobile Internet model. This feature phone Duba is strongly opposed by the App developers and advertising agencies in the last week.

said the legal profession, Jinshan network alleged unfair competition, however, the Jinshan network refers to malicious advertising is difficult to identify the rights of App developers will be difficult.

and mobile phone users to download Kingsoft to the "daily economic news" reporter said, since the application developers can develop App advertising, users also have the choice of shielding rights, "no advertising that malicious pop-up, the user experience will be better".

threat App developers survival

September 14th morning, Dorman, touch technology such as 19 App developers and advertising agency issued a statement, said the mobile phone product Kingsoft Kingsoft network to intercept all advertising App application developers, the threat of basic survival, challenge the basic business model of mobile internet.


statement also said that once the user to use mobile phone Duba, Duba will try to obtain the user’s mobile phone root privileges, App developers directly tampering, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of developers. At the same time, mobile phone Duba does not distinguish between forms of advertising, all be shielded, even authorized users of Banner and other mature forms of advertising are shielded, the air pollution index in advertising has Duba intercepting.

however, this statement by the Jinshan network against, the company official told reporters that the mobile phone Duba and not at all advertising, but for some malicious harassment to users. We do not experience a good advertising, I believe that will not cause resentment developers."

and allow users to surf the Internet from malicious advertising disturb the corresponding, these ads are one of the main sources of revenue in the mobile Internet industry.

curtain thousand media CEO Xie Daxin accept the "daily economic news" reporter said: "it does not yet have a great impact, the reason of this statement is mainly due to the future development of the industry to consider."

China Internet Network Information Center statistics show that as of the end of June this year, Chinese the number of Internet users reached 538 million, of which mobile phone users reached 388 million, mobile phone for the first time beyond the computer became the first big Internet terminal.

iResearch data show that in 2012 the scale of the China Mobile Internet market will reach 97 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 148.3%. Spring seems to be the advent of the mobile Internet industry.

or spawned an excellent charge application


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