Reflection sea Amoy the next how far Light business, or heavy business



| Liu Yan

sea Amoy almost two years the most popular, but also the most controversial hot industry.

Alibaba, Jingdong, SF and other "high rich handsome" opened overseas purchase channels or logistics channel, a group of passionate entrepreneurs have also joined the sea Amoy business force. They are optimistic about China’s sea Amoy army on the consumption of imported goods, I believe the industry will be blowout.

data show that in 2012, Alipay domestic users only by sea Amoy scale consumption grew by 117%, far higher than the domestic online shopping growth rate of 64.7%; in 2013, overseas purchasing market transaction size more than 70 billion yuan. IResearch report said the real blue ocean cross-border electricity supplier in the import.

now, the focus of cross-border electricity inlet, is still pass inspection, customs clearance, settlement and other aspects of the tax rebate policy. A major motivation to do cross-border import business electricity supplier to the post tax policy, the new policy interpretation is: cross-border electricity supplier of imported pilot policy gradually clear, compared with the original parcel tax general trade import tariff + VAT + consumption tax, there are usually 30% discount rate.

, on the other hand, is controversial. has had to stop in December 2013, by the company CEO June personally led the sea Amoy business, announced only three and a half hours suspended from the line to. In addition, Beijing East outsourcing, SF’s sea purchase Feng Yun SFbuy, overseas channel, also failed to meet expectations.

according to whether the investment sea Amoy entrepreneurial company intends recently, Qiming (invested in partner in charge of Gan Jianping to "entrepreneur" the answer is: don’t touch the policy risk project.

sea Amoy difficult in the end where


sea Amoy principle

‘sea Amoy’ a little puzzling word, foreign pier, the founder had blue Tucao said. The age of students, he started purchasing from overseas, is the first batch of Chinese eBay employees, after the founder of ocean terminal, Chinese is the first batch of overseas purchase field of entrepreneurs.

he explained: Sea Amoy, the original meaning that consumers go directly to Amazon, iHerb, Drugstore and other foreign websites Amoy goods, and then through the transfer of the company and other complex parts of the distribution to domestic consumers. Its focus is on "amoy". Now, the sea Amoy has been used to refer to overseas shopping. In addition to the consumer to go directly to the foreign website Amoy, but also through the Tmall international, foreign terminals and other domestic websites to achieve one-stop shopping.

"now more and more Chinese website launched overseas direct mail, do not need the consumers so hard to foreign websites Taohuo, to the Ocean Terminal sites such as one-stop shopping on the line. We believe that the "sea washes" die, more willing to define themselves as cross-border shopping or the sea

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