How to break through the category information network

classification information network a lot, but so far, there is no site to find their own profit point. Almost all of the classified information site, the surface is a national, but in fact it is only a regional, or a city classification information station.

set up a website, should be the dream of the day: Chinese daily life are inseparable and his website, open the computer after the first thing is to find the needed information on his site, release information, reply message. Like a girl like a beautiful girl, always concerned about their favorite girls.

but unfortunately, there is no classified information site, can become the object of love.

from the point of view of an ordinary Internet users, to see these classified information website, newswall feel at least to solve so many problems, it is possible to break through.

1, what did you give me?

a classified information site, my habit is: to find my hometown, looking for my hometown of information, I am sorry, no! Then I do not have much interest, small people only care about things around. So, I’m not coming, buddy!


2, what can I do?

home district, I found several pieces of information in addition to let me release information and almost no can give me, (and I’m on the message and not much interested in what I shall do), let me send you information, there is a little more information, so I can bubble girl, let me get some money, or other what satisfaction, that I was interested in sending information or other what action. But I’m sorry, no, so, dude, I’m not here anymore.

3, why should I come to your site for the second time?

I styled, sent me the information on your site, I will come back to see? No, I don’t come back, because I was a try, and I just want to solve the problem, rather than to make some contribution to your site. If I release rental housing information, even if others see this information contact me, I rented out the house. Renters who said on what site to see my release of information, then I may have forgotten that I have posted information on your site. Moreover, many people do not say that you see on the site, only to see the information I posted online, and then I rented out the house. I will not be on your site notice: my house is rented out, my friends don’t call me. The reality is: I forgot about it. Because my work is done. So, I won’t be on your site, sorry dude, if you were me, I met you will say thank you, or give you a telephone call: Thanks buddy ah, invite you to dinner at night! But for the website, I was not devoid of gratitude to you a reply first, forget.

is this the general mentality of Chinese Internet users?

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