Central bank informed bitcoin platform irregularities with the three largest trading platform, said

after a central bank interviews, on-site inspection, bitcoin exchange Xinxuan was higher.


January 18th, the people’s Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai, business management not informed of 11 days for the Beijing Shanghai 3 bitcoin exchange site inspection on the situation in Shanghai bitcoin Chinese exist beyond the scope of business, to carry out illegal financing business, investors did not implement the third party depository and other issues, while Beijing’s currency line, fire currency network to carry out illegal financing currency business, leading to abnormal fluctuations in the market, and failing to establish internal control system of anti money laundering.

, an industry source told surging news, the so-called illegal financing of financing business, in fact, refers to the allocation of leverage.

surging news was informed that the above 3 bitcoin exchanges are provided with financial services, can be said to be accompanied by the presence of bitcoin exchange business. In general, the leverage ratio between 3-5 times, while the platform charges 0.1%-0.5%. In addition to bitcoin exchange, there are third parties to provide financial services.

and the 3 largest bitcoin exchange in the supervision of waving the big stick, has now stopped related business lever.

aspects of the currency on the surging news, said the platform has been in accordance with the requirements of the central bank to stop financing financial services, and improve and perfect the anti money laundering system.

fire currency network founder Li Lin said that the current inspection continues, will actively cooperate with the inspection. Surging news learned from informed sources, fire currency network with the capital of leverage in January 16th has been suspended.

bitcoin China surging news, said it will continue to actively cooperate with the Central Bank jointly issued by the relevant departments of the inspection, and do a good job rectification work, the normal operation of the platform. A manager of surging news, said the business has been suspended after the central bank last week on-site inspection.


central bank bitcoin shot, and in 2015 the stock market when the stock market regulators thorough investigation of OTC with capital is similar. At that time, most of the mainstream market with capital, Alibaba group’s listed companies Hundsun financial platform for the development of the HOMS system had to close the account opening function, and notify all customers no longer on the existing capital account, to cooperate with the regulatory side to leverage".

third party depository


for the central bank pointed out beyond the scope of operations, a manager said bitcoin China also puzzled, "when the central bank to check did not express exactly how the scope of business, and the company currently registered in industrial and commercial business scope is not bitcoin this option."

and the central bank pointed out that "investors did not achieve the third party custody", this person is more Chinese bitcoin was wronged: "we also want to deposit, but the banks do not accept."


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